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Protective Acrylic Display Cases in Los Angeles, California

Stunning, Secure Displays

Do you have valuable items that you’re hesitating to display? Often, it can seem as if the only way to keep precious belongings safe is to wrap them up and lock them away in your basement or storage unit. While this may help prevent them from being harmed, it also prevents you from being able to fully enjoy them. Whether you have an expensive item or a treasured heirloom passed down the family tree, we will help you display it in style and security.

The Benefits of Acrylic Displays

There are numerous benefits to choosing resilient acrylic materials for your displays. From commercial cases to personal art frames, this material is the safest, most stylish choice. Invest in protective plastic and enjoy these advantages for years to come.


One of the most common reasons people hesitate to display their belongings is safety. Fortunately, displays made from acrylic are durable and can last long. They have the transparency of glass without the fragility and expense. This gives your items full protection from the weather, dust, and potential falling damage.​

Attractive and Customizable

You don’t have to compromise aesthetics for safety. Acrylic is extremely versatile and is available in a wide variety of gauges and colors. It can also be formed into numerous shapes. This makes it especially beneficial for commercial displays, which can be customized to best exhibit your product for your clients. Whether you need a retail showcase or a personalized frame for memorabilia and collectibles, this is the perfect material for your project.​


A large factor in deciding not to display your items is security. Unlike glass, acrylic is not easily shattered. Our cases allow for clear visibility while protecting your valuables from shoplifters and curious children. You can feel confident knowing that your possessions remain secure while on display.
Our Personalized Products
Need a custom case for your home or office? At Plastic Zone, our team will provide you with personalized, unique frames and containers to keep your valuables safe, secure, and stunningly displayed.

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