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Custom Laser Cutting in Tarzana, California

Laser cut glass

The Best Cut

Nothing is better than a laser when it comes to precision. Cutting with a rotary system cannot replicate the exact accuracy, pinpoint detail, and clean edges that a concentrated heat provides. Whether you want an engraving for a wooden plaque or an etching for an acrylic sign, we have the equipment to get you a clean, stunning design!

Made for Most Materials

One of the best benefits of a laser cutter is its versatility. Unlike bladed tools that are dull and must be regularly replaced, our heat-based equipment never wears out. It easily etches and cuts through an extensive selection of materials. Below you’ll find a list of the most common items that we work with.


Our team specializes in working with acrylic. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best results when working with this material. You’ll enjoy crystal clear images and designs cut from durable, stylish Lucite!  


For a classic or rustic look, nothing beats natural wood. Our team will help you determine the perfect type and grain for your project. We will then use our laser cutting system to burn immaculate words, images, and symbols into the material. Since our laser sears as it cuts, your item will have clean edges and a smooth surface. 


Our laser cutter is perfect for elaborate designs on delicate materials. This provides you with the ability to customize both your decorations and wardrobes with unique designs. From sports team names to intricate laceworks, we can cut any fabric pattern for your project.
Our Extensive Services
At Plastic Zone, we strive to provide you with comprehensive, convenient laser cutting services. No job is too small or large for our experienced crew to handle!

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